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The Future of our Community

by Whangaroa Community Development Group



What is the future of our community?


A small group of concerned individuals have put their hands up, organised and got support from Far North District Council, to create a Long Term Community Plan for the Whangaroa area. The plan is going to take some time to complete to ensure the kaupapa is correct and is what the community wants. This plan is going to look at the areas of Economy, Social Impact, Cultural Impact, and the Environmental Impact on both our natural resources and our infrastructure.


As we go further down the track of creating a living document that encompasses the ideals of Kaitiakitanga and Kotahitanga, the communities that make up our rohe will be involved in the consultation to ensure that we have a singular vision that can be achieved. We ask that the community joins with us in the development of this plan.


Please leave your comments and suggestions. You can register below to leave comments on this website. Or click on one of the links below for more information or the feedback form.



What is the future? - Feedback form



The economy - The environment - The people

10:22 AM 05-Jul-19    by Henk   from Auckland Public
Interesting comment - as I'm on the site 2019 and don't see any updates since 2014. Broken links and outdated info - seems a real shame as it could be a great resource for visitors to the community.
03:19 PM 15-Dec-10    by Anita   from Totara North Public
What an excellent site this is developing into 10/10 for ease of use. Congratulations to all those involved!
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